Your Professional Life Cycle - 

A Career Roadmap for Doctors by Doctors


Learn What to Expect After Training and Beyond

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Hey, SMART Docs, let's be honest!

As we complete our residency or fellowship training,
when it comes to what's next in our lives.

As a result, many of us enter practice:

1) #Clueless  about how to make our initial employment decisions, i.e. we take the first offer thrown at us

2) #Confused about what to expect at each stage of our careers 

3) #Ignorant about the financial ramifications of moving to a 6-figure salary without a financial strategy 


Docs, it's #Adulting time!
Know what to expect. Be Prepared.

Welcome to

Your Professional Life Cycle -

A Career Roadmap for Doctors by Doctors

Grab your accountability partners and family members and take this online course now!

Why? Because we are BTER (better) together.


What will I learn from this course?

1) A BTER understanding about the phases of our Professional Life Cycle 


2) An outline of the professional priorities that can help shape our goals and expectations


3) Explore examples of how to avoid disastrous career decisions


4) How to examine your own life in order to start building a SMART Financial Strategy for yourself and your family

What Do I Get?

Four quick, online sessions, including:

Session 1 - The Human Life Cycle
An easy win!

Session 2 - Our Professional Life Cycle - A Roadmap for Life #Finally

Session 3 - Our Financial Life Cycle
What about the Benjamins?

Session 4 - Practice Options
How the heck to I choose?

After this course, what's next?

* Tell us what you think about "Our Professional Life Cycle"

* Schedule your Quarterly Accountability Sessions with your Accountability partner

* Take the next BTER University Course built
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