Beyond the Exam Room presents

The New Doctor's ToolkitTM



The New Doctor's Toolkit is the best gift you can give to the new physician in your life or to yourself.

The New Doctor's Toolkit will allow a New Doctor
to start their career with the gifts of:

-Organization & education about their CRITICAL next career steps

-How to excel academically AND professionally

-Avoiding the mistakes of older doctors

-Sidestepping career and professional landmines...EARLY!!!

Who is the New Doctor's Toolkit (NDT) for?

The New Doctor’s Toolkit (NDT) is the ultimate digital “Care Package” for you, as a new doctor, or for the new doctor in your life.

The Toolkit includes educational courses and business essentials created for New Doctors by Seasoned Doctors (who learned most of this the hard way). Finally!!!

Med School Graduates

These are the critical tools that we, as Docs, weren’t always taught in medical school on how to move through internship and residency by working smarter, not harder.

Docs moving from Internship to Residency

Learn the rules of the residency game and how to play the game better.

(An Einstein paraphrase!)

Mentors of New Docs

Set your mentee up for success by gifting the NDT and meeting quarterly for accountability check-ins.

What is in the
New Doctor's Toolkit?

The New Doctor’s Toolkit includes:

  • Four (4) Master Courses lead by Dr. Bonnie Mason and BTER Accredited Faculty Members
  • Critical e-Templates and Digital Blueprints for New Doctors
  • Bonus Tools created for New Doctors by Seasoned Doctors


New Doctor's Toolkit
Master Courses

Beyond the Exam Room’s (BTER’s) 4 Master Courses led by Dr. Bonnie Mason and BTER Accredited Faculty Members. A live intro session kicks it all off.

Master Course 1

#Winning in Residency!

It's all about having the right #Mindset during our arduous training. Let's start with the right one!

Mentors, use this course to establish an ongoing rapport with your mentee.


Master Course 2

Strategic #GOALS for New Docs

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" #Nothanks

From studying for your daily clinical responsibilities to building your overall knowledge base in your respective strategy (and don't forget those darn In-Training exams), you certainly NEED a plan. #AndStep3Though

Well, NDT Course 2 includes the critical #CORE Curriculum and Study Strategy Template, in addition to teaching SMART Plus goal setting so that you can be successful academically.

Master Course 3

Addressing Your C.O.R.E. CurriculumTM

Protect your career, license and family with your C.O.R.E. CurriculumTM and Portfolio Your NDT’s C.O.R.E. Portfolio includes: (pending)

   ~Productivity Tracker

~Assessment Files

~Key Communications Templates

~and much more…

Your #C.O.R.E. Curriculum Portfolio contains the key communication templates and tools to document your Productivity and your Performance Metrics (Yes, Doc! You need all of this!)

Master Course 4

Building your #GoToTeam of Trusted AdvisorsTM

“If you want to go far, go together!”

Building your #GoToTeam of Trusted Advisors - Matriculating successfully through residency is not a solo effort. Work with your mentor to identify these essential initial trusted advisors for support, insight and feedback.

This critical course also includes:

~Your "Go To Team of Trusted Advisors" Circular Blueprint

~ Your "Go To Team of Trusted Advisors" Tracker


But there's more...

The New Doctor’s Toolkit  Bonus:


Your NTB Master Files Checklist




Cost for Entire New Doctor's Toolkit Courses, Tools and Templates plus the NDT Bonus


Special pricing for residency programs available.
Email for more information.

Get the New Doctor's Toolkit Today!


What Doctors are saying about BTER tools and resources:

"BTER really gives residents the opportunity to bridge that gap by providing much needed information about the “Business of Residency” and the non-clinical landmines and pitfalls that they should watch out for as they proceed into training. It’s a quick study on expectations, challenges and responsibilities that all program directors want their New Doctors to understand in order to be successful in and Beyond the Exam Room!"


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